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The current fee structure relates to ShareProperty's two primary services:

1. A technology platform that allows investors to make indirect investments in property, and subsequently sell those investments, for which we charge a one-off fee per transaction, and an annual portfolio management fee. A transaction fee of 1.5% applies to all transactions, whether it is a New Listing or Resale investment that you are making. Our annual recurring management fee of 0.5% is charged in addition.

2. To sell a property or raise funds to buy a property, we charge different fees. To raise funds to buy a property and acquire additional development capital, a fee of 1.5% to raise funds and 1.5% to sell or re-finance the property. To sell a property already owned, we charge £500 to raise funds to sell a property which is applied on completion of the funds raised, to just sell a portion of the property we charge 1.5% to release this equity, both of which are charged upon completion of the purchase.

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